Attention: JMHS Classes of '66, '67, '68, '70, '71, '72 and '73 ... you are invited to join us for our 45th Reunion.
Email the 1969 45th Reunion Committee for more info at

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JMHS Class of 1969 45th Reunion        1969 JMHS Locker Room Photos

JMHS '69 45th Reunion Newsletter - UPDATED Vol 2 - Vol 1  - Reunion Events
James Madison High School
Vienna VA 22180
JMHS Class of 1969 - 45th Reunion
September 26-29, 2014

40th Reunion Class Photo - The Flame Room - Vienna VA - August 22, 2009
45h Reunion JMHS Class of 1969 - "Rocking The Flame Room" - Vienna Firehouse - Vienna VA - September 27, 2014

Updated Final Newsletter - Newsletter Vol 1 - 45th JMHS '69 Reunion
September 26-29, 2014 - 45th Event Info

Some Photos from the 40th Reunion in 2009

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JMHS Class of 1969 - Vienna VA 22180 - James Madison High School

Email the Reunion Committee:

Email the Reunion Committee:

JMHS Class of 1969 45th Reunion Committee: Gregg Monday, Cathy Briggs, Billy Thompson,
Debbie Whitaker Earman, Chris Hazard, Craig Mueller, Suzanne Brummitt, Jim McGraw, Adele DePolo and Charlie Ostlund.

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SENIORS TRIUMPH AT THE RETURN OF CUT CARDS - Patti Dickmeyer, Vice-President, and Joann Dost, Treasurer, eargerly sell Senior class cut cards, as Margie Deputy looks on. James Madison High School 1969

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James Madison High School Class of 1969 Reunion

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James Madison High School - Class of '69
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The following is a Public Service Announcement from the
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Understanding that for you ...
A. phone communications have been confusing ever since AT&T phased out the rotary dial handset.
B. using a TV remote control is not as user friendly as adjusting the rabbit ear antennae.
C. Hi-Tech brings back memories of spending countless hours turning that round dial on the wall
so you could see the dining room lights go bright-to-dim and then dim-to-bright.

All things considered you have done very well to make it to the Reunion Website and all the way down here to my Public Service Announcement. I know, I know ... you are still looking for the latest information on the JMHS '69 45th Reunion Weekend ... when, where, etc. Relax, take a deep breath, I understand your frustration and I'm here to help:

Put you mouse here and CLICK you freakin' Idiot!

Just put your mouse (the arrow thing on your computer screen) over the graphic above that says "Click Here You Idiot!" (if the arrow became a hand you are in the right spot) and then Click your mouse and a new browser window will open and you can read all the information on this great 3-Day Weekend Event being planned by the JMHS '69 Reunion Committee.